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Winston Churchill Socks
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The Devil's Dictionary of Economics and Finance can be categorised under both reference and humour. It was written as an independent sequel to the well-known Devil's Dictionary by Ambrose Bierce. With wit, satire and tongue in cheek it explains the most basic—and some of the more advanced—terms of finance and economics, as well as everyday things such as money, debt and taxation, banks and investments funds, and (because they have certain financial implications) love, marriage and sex workers. The Dictionary covers topics from the Austrian economic school to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s opinion about Austria.


Politics does not go ignored either. Topics of interest here include bureaucrats, the common good, the European Union, democracy, the Parliament, and the welfare state, among others. Last but not least, the book explains what it is that drives stock prices (and it’s not what they told you at business school).

The Devil’s Dictionary

The Devil’s Dictionary


by Pavel Kohout (Author),

Klara Pernicova (Illustrator)

Winston Churchill Socks

Winston Churchill Socks


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Democracy - Save Greece

Democracy - Save Greece


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The Devil’s Dictionary of Economics & Finance
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